The PACOMBI GROUP stocks over 50,000 products for the retail, food-service, industry, horticulture and agriculture markets. Every market is offered an extensive range of products complete with seasonal and special occasion products.



These days packaging plays such a large role in our daily lives that we hardly notice it’s there. Whatever the product, the PACOMBI GROUP has the right packaging: large, small, thick, thin, colourful, neutral or personalised. A small selection from our range: mailing packaging, bottle packaging, (cardboard) boxes, bags, crates, baskets, containers, sacks, gift packaging and films.


Disposables come in many types and sizes – from coffee cups to gloves for one-time use. At the PACOMBI GROUP you have a wide choice of disposables, such as plates, dishes, cups, cutlery, catering boxes, carrying trays, gloves and head protection. They all offer excellent user convenience and optimum product presentation. And if wished they are available in sustainable versions, so made from renewable materials with lower CO₂ emissions during the manufacture and compostable after use.

Hygiene products

A healthy, clean and safe working environment is not only necessary, it also improves the working atmosphere and productivity. The PACOMBI GROUP offers every imaginable hygiene product for every required application. From garbage bags and hand soap to kitchen cleaner and HACCP articles. Everything you need for a clean shop, kitchen, washroom or office.