The revolutionary ThermoTwin® offers the food-service sector a modern (to-go) (drink) solution

Oud-Beijerland, 5 January 2018 – ThermoTwin® is the first double-walled plastic cup on the market with an innovative see-through design. Ideal for an appetising presentation of layered coffee creations, tea, soup and colourful fruit and ice-cream shakes. The double wall guarantees optimum insulation and minimum taste and temperature transfer for both hot and cold drinks.

“Although the market for liquid consumables is always changing, disposable drinks cups have remained fundamentally the same,” says Patrick Zevenbergen, PACOMBI GROUP Marketing Manager. “New, surprising drinks concepts are constantly being created and the consumption of (loose-leaf) tea in particular is increasing. But cardboard drinks cups have been the standard since time immemorial. ThermoTwin® has broken through this tradition.”

Twice as nice

When designing the new drinks cups the makers took their lead from a number of current (consumer) trends. Dorine Koopmans, Product Manager Depa, explains: “When it comes to food consumers are becoming more critical and increasingly making more considered choices. These days transparency is a major sales stimulus. With ThermoTwin® the food entrepreneur can respond to this consumer trend. Literally. It is also a proven fact that a beautiful presentation – a feast for the eyes – has a positive effect on the experience of taste. With ThermoTwin® guests are treated to a double taste sensation: They not only taste with their mouth they also taste with their eyes.”

What you see is what you want

The demand from the market for transparent cups has also increased. “More and more often drinks are creations in their own right that deserve to be seen,” says Dorine. “Take, for example, layered coffees, tea varieties and soups. In a ThermoTwin® cup they can be seen and appreciated. In addition, a presentation that stands out from the crowd is becoming increasingly important. Certainly in a time in which consumers share everything on Social Media a ‘photo-worthy’ presentation is a must. ThermoTwin® answers this demand and gives drink creations an eye-catching and appetising ‘podium’. That is what customers want to see, and be seen with.”

A unique Dutch product

ThermoTwin® is a unique Dutch product. The cups are made of 100% recyclable PP and their manufacture, on the basis of solar and wind energy, is CO2-neutral. The extremely strong plastic material is food-safe and the cups are suitable for repeat use.

ThermoTwin® is the ideal (to-go) drinks solution for food-service establishments including fuel stations, lunchrooms, ice-cream parlours and tea and coffee bars. ThermoTwin® is being marketed under the Depa® brand. The cups are available as complete sets including lids, straws and spoons.

This new disposable concept will be officially launched during Horecava 2018. From then on the cups will be available from (the webshop) of the various subsidiaries.


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5 January 2018