Oud-Beijerland, 25 February 2019 – On 21 February the PACOMBI GROUP was one of the dozens of companies that became signatories to the Plastics Pact NL. The aim of the Pact is a reduced use of plastic in our country. The signing formed part of the National Circular Economy Conference that took place on the same day in Den Haag. On behalf of the Government, State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Stientje van Veldhoven, reiterated the importance of the circular economy.

Many prominent companies have already endorsed the initiative. They include food producers, supermarkets, festivals, caterers, packaging producers and environmental organisations. The Plastic Pact has formulated a number of goals. The aim is for as much single use plastic packaging as possible to be reusable, or as a minimum 100% recyclable. Signatories to the Pact will be expected to strive for a reduction of plastic usage. Compared to the base year – 2017 – plastic usage must be reduced by 20%. The ways to achieve this include reducing usage, recycling or switching to alternative materials.

Design amendments

Companies that use plastic have also committed themselves to a one-off review of all their packaging. This must result in the implementation of any necessary design amendments. They will also make every effort to market innovations in the field of plastic recycling at an international level and will be expected to play an active role in trade missions. The Pact was introduced on 21 February as part of the National Circular Economy Conference in Den Haag. During the Conference a picture of the future of the circular economy in the Netherlands in 2050 was sketched.

Development and promotion of reusable packaging

As soon as it heard about the Pact the PACOMBI GROUP reacted enthusiastically and announced it would be a signatory. ‘Many of our clients have co-signed the Pact’, confirms Lyanne Paardekooper, General Manager Food & Services. ‘And it dovetails with the path we have already been following for many years – the development and promotion of reusable packaging. The Zero Waste Cup is a good example of this.’

The Zero Waste Cup is a unique, 100% recyclable cup with excellent insulation properties that is intended for use within reusable systems. In addition, the PACOMBI GROUP companies have already gained considerable experience with alternative materials, such as bamboo and sugarcane.

The PACOMBI GROUP is one of Europe’s largest independent distributors of packaging, disposables, re-usables, durables and business requisites. Within the PACOMBI GROUP several renowned packaging companies, each with its own specialism, have clustered their strengths. These companies are Paardekooper Verpakkingen B.V.Van der Windt Verpakking BV and Depa Disposables B.V.and Broekhof Verpakkingen B.V..

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25 February 2019