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Horti- & Agriculture

The horticulture market is dynamic. Together with growers and auction houses we work continuously on renewal and innovation. The presentation and protection of cut flowers, potted plants and herbs are essential aspects as are solutions that save time and money. Our range includes flower and plant sleeves, films, Danish boxes, plant trays and advanced packaging machines.

Within the Agriculture sector the right packaging contributes towards reducing (the costs of) wastage and extending the shelf-life of the products. Having offices in the Westland, the world’s largest glasshouse region, means we know exactly what fruit and vegetable growers and processers want. Our range includes cardboard boxes, films, nets, trays and pallet materials, both standard and made-to-measure.

This business unit serves two segments:


From plant sleeves to Danish boxes: every imaginable ornamental horticulture packaging for potted plant growers, cut flower growers, herb growers, distributors, flower and plant wholesalers, importers/exporters of flowers and plants and companies in the plant cutting/breeding sector.

Fruit & vegetables

All the required standard and made-to-measure fruit & vegetable packaging for outdoor growers, glasshouse vegetable growers, fruit growers, companies in the vegetable/fruit processing sector and growers of cress, edible flowers and sea vegetables.

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