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Food & Services

In the food and non-food retail sector everything revolves around standing out and being seen. Which is why, in addition to a complete standard range, the PACOMBI GROUP also offers the most original made-to-measure packaging. These products are developed in-house in our Designing & Styling-studio. This means every packaging also acts as a creative and successful marketing tool and products are even more appealing. Within the non-food retail sector we are also the largest player in the field of wine and liquor packaging in the Netherlands.

The PACOMBI GROUP has a nose for market opportunities. Within the catering branch and food service market this talent translates into differentiating and practical food concepts, so food-service companies never knock on our door in vain. And the wholesalers? They’ve known where to find us for decades. Because as well as a wide range and one-stop-shopping, we also offer wholesalers high availability and excellent delivery reliability.

This Business Unit serves four segments:

Food service

All kinds of packaging, disposables and hygiene products for hotels, caterers, fast-food service, petrol stations, restaurants, lunch rooms and ice-cream parlours.

Food retail

All the packaging, disposables and hygiene articles needed by supermarkets, fish shops, greengrocers, butchers, bakers/cake shops, cheese/nuts/delicatessen shops, confectioners, wine and liquor shops and farm/organic food shops.


From reusable carrier bags and creative gift packaging to practical mailing boxes: everything for electronic goods, white and brown goods, DIY (web) shops, home interior shops and clothing/shoe shops.


A total offering of packaging, food disposables, hygiene disposables and garbage bags for, among others, packaging, cleaning and technical wholesalers and ship chandlers. Most of the articles are available immediately from stock via one-stop-shopping.

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