The PACOMBI GROUP occupies a leading position in the Dutch market, but also has a prominent presence in Europe with local offices in the following countries:

The PACOMBI GROUP has had a sales office in Belgium since 1985, first in Hoogstraten, but now in Malle near Antwerp. This office does not handle storage and transport; that is organised from the head office in the Netherlands. Our sales office specialises in the food-and non-food industries and the food-service, retail & services, wholesale and fruit & vegetable sectors.

United Kingdom
In England the PACOMBI GROUP has been a trusted packaging partner since 1983. Our office is in Lincolnshire. From the beginning the PACOMBI GROUP in England has been renowned primarily for its expertise in ornamental horticulture packaging. However, as time has gone by the office has served more and more clients from other sectors. For example, a variety of (made-to-measure) packaging products and disposables are now supplied to large fast-food chains.

Ireland was the birthplace of the PACOMBI GROUP. It is where Guy & Co Distribution, a trusted supplier of packaging and office requisites was founded. This range expanded enormously after the acquisition by the PACOMBI GROUP in 2005. Today the PACOMBI GROUP supplies a total range of packaging, disposables and supplementary articles to a diverse circle of clients including banks, dairy companies, bakeries and businesses in the fruit & vegetable, horticulture and food-service sectors.

Our foreign offices operate completely autonomously to ensure they can respond optimally to local market conditions. At the same time, they combine their local expertise with the thorough product knowledge and logistics strength of the PACOMBI GROUP. Because ICT and e-Business play a key role in our export activities we invest heavily in this area. We can deploy and exchange ranges and stocks throughout Europe. This means clients can order from the entire range, even if the products come from across the border.

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