Growth, both within the Netherlands and over the border, is important for the PACOMBI GROUP. But innovation, digitalisation and quality are also important for our essential goals. In all these areas we strive for optimum results, always with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the priority.


From small printer to packaging giant – since it was founded the PACOMBI GROUP has achieved enormous growth. It’s the result of doing business with courage, dedication and initiative. The course we have followed thus far we will continue to follow, because growth is a key goal for the PACOMBI GROUP. Growth reinforces continuity and ensures a wider product range, more scope for innovation, better service provision, lower costs and, therefore, attractively priced products. Our clients profit from this in every way. The prospects are good: the PACOMBI GROUP leads the way in fields such as sustainability, innovation, logistics and e-commerce. So there is plenty of potential for future growth.


The PACOMBI GROUP wants to look beyond its own country’s borders. Cooperation with international partners creates significant added-value. For example when it comes to innovation. To tap into new markets we must literally cross borders: we must be open to international knowledge, expertise and cultures. The inspiration that generates is indispensable for innovation. Internationalisation also creates up-scaling, cost reductions, a larger sales area and more market potential. Naturally our clients share in these benefits.

CSR and quality

Care for people, the environment and quality are the cornerstones of our company. So accepting our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes without saying for us. We contribute towards People, Planet and Profit in accordance with ISO 26000. In other words, we strive to achieve a good balance between the quality of our products and services, employment conditions, environmental-impact and a healthy profitability. We aspire to achieve a performance in this field that is above average for our industry branch.

Innovations, digitalisation and personalised products

We work constantly on (eco) innovation. We never stop looking for ways to make the functionality, user convenience, brand experience and minimum environmental-impact of packaging solutions even better. We also never stop optimising our digital processes. The aim of our e-commerce platform is to inspire, inform and offer our clients maximum user convenience.

Do you want to increase the visibility and recognition of your company’s name? Nearly all the PACOMBI GROUP’s standard products can be printed with your own logo, text or image.


If you want to stand out you must be creative: different to the rest and original. Our ideas factory, WrappIDup, is the place to go for exclusive packaging solutions (wrapp) that give your company image and name recognition a boost (ID up). WrappIDup supports you from A to Z: from idea development to production. Visit and amaze your clients.