The PACOMBI GROUP is a global leader in the packaging and disposables industry. You will find us in 75 countries, including the USA and China. This is why our logistic are so well organised and include our own distribution centres and our own fleet of trucks. Our inspiring Stores and valuable partners complete the picture by enabling us to offer a wide and versatile range of products.

The PACOMBI GROUP: a global player of substance

With more than 50,000 clients in 75 countries, a purchasing office in China (PACOMBI GROUP Asia) and a sourcing partner in the USA, the PACOMBI GROUP is a global player of substance.

7 distribution centres

The PACOMBI GROUP has over 80,000 m2 of warehouse space (comparable to around 16 football fields), spread across seven distribution centres in the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland.

Vehicle fleet: 32 trucks

The PACOMBI GROUP works with external transport companies and also has its own, well-maintained fleet of 32 trucks. Sustainable transport is the priority. Our modern trucks are fitted with environmentally-responsible engines and we strive for the maximum capacity utilisation of our fleet.

9 Stores

Anyone seeking inspiration around trends, themes and seasons is very welcome to visit one of our nine Stores. Our extensive and always on-trend collections of packaging and disposables will be sure to give you good ideas. As will our popular (wrapping) workshops and trend sessions.

8 partners

With eight partners spread around the Netherlands the PACOMBI GROUP is always close at hand with a physical office.