1919: Paardekooper

In 1919 Paardekooper opened a small book and paper shop in Rotterdam. The business grew, in part due to various acquisitions between 1985 and 2011, into a flourishing concern with a broad pallet of activities.

Historie PACOMBI GROUP 1919 Paardekooper

1998: Move to Oud-Beijerland

Having outgrown its premises in Rotterdam, in 1998 Paardekooper moved to its current premises in Oud-Beijerland with a new logistics centre and head office.

1998: verhuizing naar oud-beijerland

2008: Depa Disposables

Paardekooper joined forces with Depa Disposables, the European market leader for food disposables, packaging and hygiene products, with clients in the wholesale, industry and retail sectors.

Overname Depa Disposables

2011: Halma Packaging

Paardekooper clustered its strengths with those of Halma Packaging – the expert in the field of packaging and disposables for food-service and retail organisations, industrial bakeries, airline companies and caterers.

Overname Halma Packaging


The Paardekooper Group and the Van der Windt Group come together as cooperating partners in the PACOMBI GROUP. Clients profit from substantial added-value: an even more extensive product range, purchasing advantages and even more quality, expertise and creativity.

historie pacombi group: samengaan paardekooper en van der windt group

2016: Van der Gugten Rijnsburg BV

PACOMBI GROUP acquires Van der Gugten Rijnsburg BV – a family business and state-of-the-art wholesaler specialised in ornamental horticulture packaging. A strategic step for further growth in the Dutch and export horticulture markets.

2018: Broekhof Verpakkingen b.v.

The PACOMBI GROUP acquires Broekhof Verpakkingen b.v. Family business Broekhof supplies packaging and decoration material for the flower and plant branch. The acquisition constitutes a significant milestone for the PACOMBI GROUP and will improve the Group’s specialist and innovative offering to clients in the ornamental horticulture sector to be improved.

Broekhof Verpakkingen b.v.