Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the most important themes within our business operations. People, Planet and Profit form the basis of a good CSR policy and to help us implement our CSR policy and keep it up to date we follow the guidelines of ISO 26000 and have signed the ISO 26000 self-declaration.


We care about people both within our organisation and outside and, as a BSCI member, we pay constant attention to labour and environmental conditions throughout our supply chain. We also support a number of charities.


Everything we do is done from a CSR point of view and in conformance with ISO 14001. We do this for the good of the Company and the environment. It’s why we are clear and honest about everything, including the origin of packaging and disposables. It’s why we put a 100% effort into minimising our environmental-impact. We investigate this impact continuously in our own research centre, The LCA Centre, using a recognised Life Cycle Assessment method (LCA).

Insight into this information helps us develop alternative products with a lower environmental-impact, such as the products in our Bright® range of packaging. As a leading packaging supplier to companies in the recreation and leisure branch many of our products also meet the Green Key criteria. We also implement ‘green’ measures, for example measures related to waste separation and sustainable transport. In this way we are working hard to accelerate packaging sustainability.


Profit and sustainable packaging solutions go together very well and the high-quality of our products is guaranteed by our cooperation with leading suppliers. We always strive to achieve the right balance between finance and the interests of people and the planet.


Our CSR endeavours are broadly certificated in accordance with the most stringent standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Themes include CO₂ reduction, food safety, storage and transport, quality management and environmental management.