The PACOMBI GROUP is one of Europe’s largest independent distributors of packaging, disposables and business requisites. Within the PACOMBI GROUP several renowned packaging companies, each with its own specialism, have clustered their strengths. As a result our clients can count on market-conforming prices, high delivery reliability, an extensive choice and a high degree of quality, expertise, creativity and service.

As a family business right from the beginning we cherish the important ‘family values’. In our work we are enthusiastic, energetic and decisive. In our business dealings we are honest, courageous and dedicated. Sustainability and a low environmental impact are key factors in everything we do. So is being professionals: what we do we do well.

Enabling employees to realise their potential

Our employees are worth their weight in gold: they make our company what it is. It’s why we give them the space to develop their talents and realise their potential – as professionals and as people. We stimulate learning and training and value initiative, independent working and acceptance of responsibility. Naturally we offer all this in good working conditions in a challenging working environment and a pleasurable working atmosphere.

A partner for clients

We want to be a partner for our clients rather than ‘just’ a supplier. Our added-value rests derives from, among other things, personal contact and enduring relationships with our clients and suppliers. We think along with our clients, are proactive and do what we promise we’ll do – and often more. Achieving growth together is a fundamental principle for us. One of the ways we contribute towards this is by sharing our product and market knowledge and expertise.

With our shareholders in mind

In everything we decide or do the PACOMBI GROUP takes the interests of its shareholders into account. We are open to input from our shareholders, the information we provide them is transparent and full and we strive to achieve a healthy return on investment for them. By doing business honestly we achieve our aim of a win-win situation for all parties.